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Craft Ivy level apps, essays, EC, awards list, arts supplements, LORs, and more.  Every app we boosted secured Ivies, UCs, t20

Ivylevel applications of our admits

Every student we helped got into Ivies, top UCs, t20

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From fragmented to Ivy level cohesive application

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From generic to Ivy level school tailored supplementals

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From surface-level to Ivylevel authenticity

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From average to Stanford-level

Transforming more applications with tailored Ivylevel App Boost


Nothing stands out

High achieving senior aiming for Harvard, Yale, John hopkins, other. Doubtful of her chances as nothing stands out.


Ivylevel App Boost

Our deep 1:1 assessment reveals her real Ivy level weak spots are not tapping into her identity and crafting a cohesive application.


Ivylevel application

We employ tailored Ivylevel Edge™ strategy to weave her latino identity + immigration advocacy + community impact into a cohesive application.

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Our secret? 
Ivylevel Edge

How we transform applications to secure spots at Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and more.


Crafting cohesive narrative across app, blending personality, passions, and impact

Then ruthlessly tailoring it for admission officers at each school to help you get into HYPSM, Ivies, top UCs.

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Activities List

Refining activities into impactful narratives that showcase depth and focus. Turning general descriptions into powerful, specific roles and achievements.

  • Detailing leadership with specifics
  • Strategically positioning top activities
  • Emphasizing impact and commitment
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Customizing applications to align perfectly with each school's unique ethos and values. Crafting narratives that resonate with the specific culture and expectations of top universities.

  • Aligning passions with school's core values
  • Integrating with school's ethos
  • Demonstrating curiosity, future impact potential
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Additional Info

Utilizing the additional information section to its fullest potential. Providing context and depth to the applicant's unique circumstances and passion projects.

  • Elaborating on personal challenges
  • Highlighting extracurricular depth
  • Showcasing resilience and adaptability
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Weaving a consistent and compelling story across all application elements. Ensuring that each part contributes to a unified narrative of growth, leadership, and potential.

  • Unifying diverse experiences and narratives
  • Illustrating personal growth
  • Weaving aptitude, passion, and impact
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Arts Supplement

Transforming arts achievements into a dedicated, well-crafted supplement. Showcasing artistic talent and dedication through a focused and detailed portfolio.

  • Showcasing artistic excellence
  • Demonstrating commitment and passion
  • Highlighting creativity and innovation
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Skillfully distilling specifics and impact, capturing captivating details in concise narratives.

  • Conveying Depth Within Limits
  • Highlighting Impact Specifics
  • Crafting Engaging Reflection and Narration
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Our 3-steps, your 1-application to Ivies

How we got every student into HYPSM, Ivies, UCs, and more

Pinpoint your weak spots in every app component and uncover strengths, passions, and story

We start by deeply reviewing your app, EC, awards list, supplements, LORs, and more. We then pinpoint weak spots and apply tailored edge strategies to elevate essays and apps to Ivylevel

  • 1:1 Stanford coach full application review
  • Pinpoints weak spots and amplify strengths
  • Assess personality, passions and narrative

Employ tailored Ivy level edge strategies to boost a cohesive narrative across app and essays

  • Employ targeted Ivylevel edge strategies across app
  • Craft personalized 1:1 apps, essays boost plan
  • Detailed feedback report with specific tactical plan

Partner 1:1 with your Stanford coach to craft Ivy level essays, application, supplements

  • Weekly 1:1 Stanford coach guided execution
  • 1:1  app, essays and supplements crafting
  • Weekly asynchronous support

Unlike my college counselor and other boot camps, Erin pinpointed my application's central authentic theme, aligning my activities and awards to build my strong application!

On 10-week Ivylevel App Boost Program