Up level your college prep

Get your Ivy precision game plan. Every student we guided got into Ivies, UCs, t20

Ivylevel roadmap of our admits

Every student we helped got into Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Yale, and more.

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More odd-defying paths into HYPSM, UCs, t20

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More odd-defying paths into HYPSM, Ivies, UCs, t20

From average level to Stanford level

Transforming more journeys with tailored 1:1 Ivylevel roadmap


Average profile

Straight A's sophomore with many extracurriculars aiming for Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Yale


Ivylevel session

Our deep 1:1 assessment reveals her real weak spots as lack of extracurriculars depth and cohesive profile


Ivylevel profile

We devise a tailored and specific Ivylevel game plan weaving aptitude + passion + impact cohesively

  • Publishing poem on sustainability
  • Publishing research on sustainability
  • Scaling clean water non profit
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From average level to Ivy level extracurriculars

Changing the game with targeted 1:1 Ivylevel Edge strategies

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Our secret? Ivylevel Edge™

How we devised unique paths to get students into Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Yale, and more.


Crafting tailored roadmap by weaving your identity, aptitude, passions, and narrative

Then ruthlessly optimizing it for admission officers at each school to help you get into HYPSM, Ivies, top UCs, t20


Aptitude in STEM, 
Computer Science

You don't need perfect grades or crazy AP schedule. We find you 1-2 relevant, high impact opportunities that demonstrate your aptitude.

  • Prestigious programs like MIT Launch X
  • Academic rigor (4.0 GPA, 10+ APs)
  • Good SAT scores (1400-1500)
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Passion in Games,

You don't need 15 extracurriculars. You need is 1 Minecraft server. We focus on authenticity and impact. We craft 2-3 standout projects that prove your passion depth with tangible results.

  • 60K revenue with Minecraft server
  • Grow YouTube  for lesbians to 80K subs
  • Girl Founders podcast to 300K signups
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Cohesive Narrative of Entrepreneur,
Gamer, Girl Impact

Don't fall in the trap of trying to do and excel in everything. At the end, all that matters is a unique and authentic profile that blends your aptitude, passion, and impact cohesively. Thats what truly helps you standout.

  • Weave Minecraft + Gaming + Girls impact
  • Amplify Minecraft 60K rev impact
  • Tailored narrative for Stanford, MIT, Brown
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Our 3-steps, your roadmap to Ivies

How we got students into Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Yale, and more.

Uncover your unique strengths, passions, weak spots, and more

We start by deeply understanding student's identity, aptitude, true passions, and impact potential. Then we work backwards and create a roadmap to achieve this narrative.

  • 1:1 Stanford coach assessment
  • Uncover weak spots and strengths
  • Discover passions and narrative

Devise your tailored roadmap with Ivylevel Edge strategies

  • Employ targeted Ivylevel Edge strategies
  • Devise personalized 1:1 Ivylevel roadmap
  • Detailed  report with tactical plan

Partner 1:1 with your Stanford coach to deliver results

  •  Weekly 1:1 Stanford coach on guided execution
  • 1:1 help on (academics, ECs, awards, clubs etc.)
  • Weekly asynchronous support

"Jenny is such a great coach. Everything is SO PERSONALIZED and SO SPECIFIC!"

Junior, CS, public school
On 24-week Ivylevel Prep Mentoring Program