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From dull opening to Ivylevel hook

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Transforming more narratives with tailored Ivylevel Edge


B in math senior

Stellar astro research profile aiming for HYPSM. Doubtful of her chances due to B grades in math


Ivylevel session

Our deep 1:1 assessment reveals her real Ivy level weak spots are non cohesive and authentic narrative


Ivylevel narrative

We employ tailored Ivylevel Edge™ strategy to weave astro + music + girls impact Ivylevel narrative

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Our secret? Ivylevel Edge™

How we elevate narratives to get students into Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and more.


Crafting cohesive narrative by weaving in-depth personality, passions, and impact

Then ruthlessly tailoring it for admission officers at each school to help you get into HYPSM, Ivies, top UCs.



Transforming scattered ideas into a unique, cohesive Ivy level theme that resonates. Emphasizing authenticity, emotional depth, and personality in every sentence.

  • Applying deep personal authenticity
  • Connecting emotional memories
  • Emphasizing personality depth


Crafting a vivid, introspective story that captivates and resonates. Balancing narrative with deep reflection and sensory-rich descriptions.

  • Crafting captivating openings
  • Enhancing sensory depth
  • Anchoring essays with metaphors


Seamlessly weaving personal experiences, passions and academic aspirations into a unified, compelling story.

  • Harmonizing structure of all narratives
  • Blending experiences and passions
  • Balancing narrative and reflection


Deeply exploring and applying personal evolution in passions and aptitude, reflecting growth and maturity.

  • Uncovering passion early perceptions
  • Amplifying imagination influences
  • Mature contrasting of different views

Clear Precise

Sharpening the narrative with clear communication and precision for broader audience appeal. Every sentence matters and adds either depth, direction, or detail.

  • Simplifying complex words and topics
  • Preserving essence within word limits
  • Sharpening tale with tightened flow


Infusing distinctive and relevant personal touches throughout the narrative. Targeted storytelling to resonate with the ethos of target schools.

  • Infusing unique personal touches  
  • Adding passion related unique insights
  • Tailoring personal story to supplements

Our 3-steps, your 1-story to Ivies

How we got every student into HYPSM, Ivies, UCs, and more

Pinpoint your weak spots in essays, app and uncover your unique strengths, passions, and story

We start by deeply understanding identity, aptitude, and passions. We then pinpoint weak spots and apply tailored edge strategies to elevate essays and apps to Ivylevel

  • 1:1 Stanford coach review of apps, essays
  • Pinpoints weak spots and amplify strengths
  • Assess personality, passions and narrative

Employ tailored Ivylevel Edge strategies to elevate essays, application, and supplements

  • Employ targeted Ivylevel Edge strategies for apps, essays
  • Craft personalized 1:1 essay and apps elevate plan
  • Detailed review report with specific strategies and plan

Partner 1:1 with your Stanford coach to craft Ivy level essays, application, supplements

  • Weekly 1:1 Stanford coach guided execution
  • 1:1  essays, apps, and supplements crafting
  • Weekly asynchronous support

Ivylevel's 1:1 guided essay elevator help was transformative. My Stanford coach was too good! Helped me see and present my unique experiences effectively. Never realized the power of my own story until she helped me articulate it.

On 10-week Ivylevel Essay Elevate Program