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Basic Plan


Get your 1:1 full application, essays strategy and game plan only.

For short term needs who want 1:1 full app, essay, college fit plan, review
What's included:
2-Week strategy w/ Stanford coach
2x 1-HR 1:1 Session
2x week Async Collaboration
Ivy Profile, College, major List
App, Essays, Deferral, Waitlist
1:1 Stanford Coach Guided Execution
Up to 20 college applications
All Essays, Supplementals
All ECs, Awards, LORs, Arts
Unlimited revisions and Edits
Post submission (Deferral, LOCI)
Summer Program, Awards, Internship



Get your 1:1 full apps, essays plan and 'bi-weekly' execution support.

For go getters who want 1:1 Stanford coach for guided execution of  full apps, essays, EA/ ED, deferral, waitlist.
What's included:
'Bi-Weekly' 1:1 W/ stanford coach
24x 1-HR 1:1 Sessions
full year weekly Async Collaboration
Precision College, Major, Aid list
Senior Year Schedule, accountability
Summer Program, Awards, Internship
All Essays Coaching, Editing
Up to 20 college applications
common App, UC, Supplement
All ECs, Awards, LORs, Arts Portfolio
2x Revisions, Edits per Week
EA/ ED, Waitlist, Deferral, LOCI



Get your 1:1 full apps, essays plan 'weekly' execution support.

For intense achievers who want 1:1 Stanford coach for 2x intense execution of full apps, essays, EA/ ED, deferral, waitlist.
What's included:
'Weekly'  1:1 W/ stanford coach
48x 1-HR 1:1 Sessions
full year weekly Async Collaboration
Precision College, Major, Aid list
Senior Year Schedule, accountability
Summer Program, Awards, Internship
All Essays Coaching, Editing
Up to 20 college applications
common App, UC, Supplement
All ECs, Awards, LORs, Arts Portfolio
Unlimited Revisions, Edits
EA/ ED, Waitlist, Deferral, LOCI
Looking for a custom program? 

We understand every parent and student might have different needs. All our custom programs are priced at $450/ week, including a 1:1 1-HR session with your Stanford coach and weekly asynchronous collaboration. Talk to us.

Real app game plans, reports, 1:1 execution

Of our early admits of Stanford, Harvard, Ivies, UCs, t20

Ivylevel App

Boost every aspect of your college application with our Stanford coaches, who have led every student to Ivies, top UCs, and t20. Whether starting fresh, midway through, or need a final polish, we turn your application into a cohesive narrative for Ivy level admission success.

360 Asses, Weak spots, Boost
Common App,
UC PIQ, Supplements
ECs, Awards, Add'l info, LOR,Arts
App, Essay, Supplement Edits, Revisions
Detailed Report,  Strategies, Action Plan
Weekly Asynch Support, Follow-ups
1-hr session, 1-wk support
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About Ivylevel Apps and Essays

Craft every component of your Common App, UC application to Ivylevel with a personalized 1:1 sessions led by a Stanford coach who not only got in themselves but has a track record of guiding every student get into Ivy/ top UC/ t20. With hourly 1:1 sessions and weekly asynchronous support, they'll strategize and help you cohesively craft every component of application with IvyLevel Edge™ boosters, ensuring you stand out in Ivy admissions.

Service highlights:

  1. Comprehensive 1:1 application review and boost: meticulous examination of every component, ensuring a polished and cohesive Ivy-level application.
    - Common App, UC App
    - School specific supplements
    - Extracurricular, Activities list
    - Letters of Recommendation
    - Awards section
    - Arts supplement
    - Additional Information section
  2. In-depth analysis: understanding profile background, pinpointing weak spots and uncover strengths.
  3. Tailored IvyLevel Edge™ boosters: enhancing every component and weaving a cohesive Ivy-level narrative.
  4. Actionable IvyLevel App Boost™ plan: step by step game plan for Ivy-level admission success.
    - Specific plan for each IvyLevel Edge™ booster (e.g., rearranging awards list, enhancing art supplement, or essay)
    - Comprehensive feedback, specific comments on each application component.
  5. College, major, aid strategy: personalized planning on:
    - College list feedback and strategic recommendations.
    - Major selection feedback and strategic recommendations.
    - Financial aid strategic recommendations.
  6. Post submission strategy: post submission personalized support on:
    - Interview prep
    - Waitlist/ deferral flipping strategy
    - Decision making recommendations based on long term goals.

Who is Ivylevel Apps and Essays for?

No prerequisite required, though early starters get better outcomes. Whether you are just starting a fresh application, midway through, or need final polish, Ivylevel Application is tailored to elevate every senior's college application. This service is perfect for:

  • Early starters: Just starting a fresh application? Let us review your profile and device your tailored application game plan and provide 1:1 guided execution help for an Ivy-level stand out application.
  • Midway: Made some progress? We will refine and enhance your work and chart out remaining path for Ivy-level stand out application.
  • Last-minute starters: Starting late and still aiming for an Ivylevel app? We specialize in boosters that maximize impact in shortest time.
  • Final stretch: Near-complete or done? Let us give that final review and boost to ensure it's Ivy-level ready.

List of Deliverables:

Here's what you will receive with Ivylevel Application service personalized for your Ivy level stand out application:

  • Comprehensive app review: detailed review of 2x main applications including Common App, UC.
  • Supplemental insights: feedback on up to 20 school-specific supplements.
  • Edits: unlimited rounds of revisions on any part of app.
  • Extracurricular boost: recommendations to optimize your activities list.
  • Letter of recommendation review: feedback on all LORs.
  • Awards section: suggestions to best showcase up to 10x awards or honors.
  • Arts and additional info section: Enhancing arts supplements and the 'Additional Information' section.
  • Tailored IvyLevel Edge™ boosters: to elevate every component of your application.
  • Detailed App Boost™ plan: A step-by-step guide to implementing all strategies and feedback.
  • Post-submission strategy: interview prep, waitlist strategies, and decision-making based on long-term goals.
  • Stanford Coach 1:1 guided execution: weekly or bi-weekly
  • Weekly asynchronous support: Direct access to your mentor for any follow-up questions or clarifications.

What students and parents say

Senior, Int'l HS
Polisci, Econ

"Jenny's guidance was transformative. She helped me see and present my unique experiences effectively. Never realized the power of my own story until she helped me articulate it."

"Unlike my college counselor and other boot camps, Erin pinpointed my central authentic theme, aligning my activities and awards"

Senior, Public HS

"it was an 'aha' moment when Janice guided me on how to balance narration and reflection in my essay. My essays feel so much more stronger now!"

Senior, Magnet HS

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